A few weeks back , I met this kid named  jose from school and little did I know he had a older brother named Jorge that shared the same amount of love for Vintage Designer pieces as I did . I instantly clicked with the guy and exchanged numbers . From there I found out he had his own online store he was starting , After a Few weeks I fell out of contact with him and the store . but Randomly I found his store and was amazed about the amount of progression he had done for the store , He went from just vintage pieces to Custom Leather Crewneacks and beanies . I showed him respect for all his hard work and he showed respect back by meeting me at a shells gas station to hook me up with some custom piecec aha.

If you read my blog frequently You should know that I am pretty obsessed with anything leather , which is  why I was so excited to wear this crewneck ! I guess Jorge knows me to well because I also love Beanies!!!   ahhh I was so excited about this care package . If you'r interested in getting awesome vintage designer pieces or even custom GOLD MCMXII piecese visit the store!

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