Happy Turkey day!

Happy Turkey day everyone! well I decided to do a quick little post because I'm so excited to have my hell bounds back in my hands . I left them and my Shadow studs over my friends house and I was literally missing my babies ! maybe because they're my favorite shoes I have . While i was out taking photos I see a guy from a far distance walking passed My little sister and I. and he double takes and starts walking towards us. He ask " yalll looking for trees" I replied back " no thanks I already have some " then the kid sits there and watches us and then has the balls to ask " what are you wearing ?" so like the asshole I am I went into full detail explaining every bit of clothing I had on including my boxers . The kid Started to mumble and laughed and walked away while I shouted " AHAHA you thought I gave a shit"

Enough of that , anywho I'm working with solestruck on a big giveaway for all the snazzy guys out there that know how to dress . it will be so much fun to host this giveaway !so keep a look out and I'm currently working on a promo video for the Giveaway (time to get creative) . blah blah blah you guys have a amazing day and gain a lot of weight because today is your excuse to be fat :)

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  1. Love love love the layering here! I really want to add some tartan in my life, but just wearing it as a shirt is a bit blah. So this is giving me ideas!

    Sick blog dude!