Whats a blogger without their HELLBOUNDS

 Before we Embark onto this post I wanted to clarify a few things with my shoe collection that I've been getting questioned about . my wedged, platforms and I guess you can say heels.
 I DO NOT DO DRAG NOR WILL I EVER not specifically saying there is  something wrong with donning drag ...  because I do catch myself occasionally watching Ru Pauls Drag Race , but I can never apply myself to do so aha. I've also been asked what made me or more so what inspired me to start wearing such outrageous shoes . Well you may not know but this here black kid is kind of obsessed with heavy metal. My music selection is pretty damn open and random but my Fav has to be Metal (Classic Metal) .

KISS has been one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to Grizzelle Wearing such outrageous shoes KISS brings me back to when I was little being scared shitless of Gene Simmons but began to love the band few years later. sitting in my Best friends trailer watching old shows of them live getting ready for my first show (which I didn't know I was gonna be pushed into my first mosh pit EVERYONE NEEDS TO MOSH ONCE IN THEIR LIFE!) ramble ramble Well there is your answer :). anywho I've been lusting over these HELL BOUNDS since christine made her dungeon shoes UGH obsessed! and I was suppose to go all the way to LA to snag a pair but plans changed :/ but my bestie Dominique grabbed me a pair and this awesome shirt at the Connected Fashion Festival. totally going on a shopping spree for her .


  1. Everything about your style is fucking perfect. Really, I don't have anything else to say.

    <3 Melissa

  2. I LOVE YOUR CONFIDENCE, IT SHINES THROUGH YOUR CLOTHES! Unique personality=amazing style.