Dolce Vita Zayna

Well I'ts pretty darn obvious that this look was inspired by milli vanilli but of course a big oh splash of Grizzelle . So lately I've been pretty out of the loop when it comes to updating my blog probably because all the stuff I'm looking forward to doing is in the near future . oh the patience of my dear soul is cringing with irritation , getting back to the look loves . Its pretty aparent that this look is so not fall but I decided to do a little fall look only because once again my patience .Well Let first start off with my lovely Dolce Vitas. it's no clue I got these beauties from Solestruck like most of my shoes , they're called the Dolce Vita Zayna I had to get a early birthday present ;) . plus they're new arrivals . When they arrived I was a little sad because the red wasn't as vibrant as you can see the color doesn't photograph well ... But I promise they are red . I had to swarm threw my archive to find my what I call carrie Red blazer to pair with my shoes . How are you guys feeling about the look . I have a lot in store so stick around if you please .

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