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SHOES: solestruck.com , SHORTS: thrifted, TOP: O-mighty , HAT: AZS

I'm doing my best to actually update my blog more frequently , due to the fact that I'm off this whole week ... which is very upsetting but whatever . So today is a chill Sunday at the house my moms in her room obsessed with her fantasy football and the games on today and I'm in my room just vibing to tu pac and wanted to do a little look inspired by him aha. So what better then my THUGLIFE shirt that was sent to me by o-mighty . I'm pretty obsessed with this shirt and it makes it even better that there is no sleeves ughh thank god. you guys should most def check out theie store ! the prices are super cheap for amazing and diverse garments ! they're all the way from Singapore and clearly they know exactly what we all are looking for because there is a wide variety for every customer .

I'm pretty sure I'm the skinniest wanna be thug but of course the baddest *flips hair. Oh that reminds me I currently took my hair down for a couple of reasons
2.I needed to wash that shit
3.very much hard to manage
So enjoy my simplistic thug look for a bit until I get it back
I got sent some amazing pieces especially the clutch I received ughhh obsessed!! so my next few post will consist of all O-mighty garments

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  1. I really love your blog and your style! I'll add it in my blogroll.

    Sincerely, Yann.