Time to Grow up!

Over the time I've came up with not so much simplistic looks and outfits . but I'm learning that as I get older and mature that my look needs to follow in those foot steps . with that said Fall is easing it's way into out life's and I'm kind of excited considering I've had some pieces for fall I've been dying to wear since Last year . My whole look this fall was mostly inspired by Alexander Wang. Although Alexander Wang's color palettes in his garments remain the same for the most part , each collection comes out stunning and Detailed to a "T" also including Rick Owens. So this fall I'm going for a Dark chic, Wednesday Adam's effortless look . Now don't get me Wrong  Grizzelle's style will still will be Incorporated into each and every outfit but just wont be as vibrant as most outfits in my archive.

So I was feeling a little inspired this late night so i decided to make a little mood board
Now try to refrain from laughing of how crappy this is . I have to confess I'm no Anna Wintour. and I mean this is my First ever Fashion collage I've ever done . but this is what Is currently inspiring me ..... Over time I haven't gotten over Leather even in the depths heat of the dreadful summer I still managed to have some type of leather fall into my outfits whether it was Shoes , or a jacket. So why not continue my fetish . So I totally need to invest in more Leather pants . I'm also going to be purchasing some More Sneaker wedges preferably these babies from solestruck . I'm so excited for fall hurry cold weather so I can layer !
What are some fall options you guys have planned for fall?
would love to hear !

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  1. Well Grizz I understand what you are saying. Sometimes we have to let go of the stuff that has served us well in the past but is not where we are or where we want to be. But selling off some of these things can help you move into the future. There's probably a few guys who follow your blog, myself included, who would be willing to buy some of the things from your past, even if only to see how you style your new collection.

    And yes, yes bring on fall, bring on the cooler temperature. I'm tired of feeling the perspiration running down my legs while trying to rock my leather jeans!

    Big Hug!