Road Trip

So me and my Friend Jnel decided to go on a little mini Road trip all the way to boulder city just to get away from the city for a bit and relax . so we embarked on our journey full of Sunchips and 2 chainz . I mean what could top boy talk conversation / shoe obsession conversations. I was so Focused on shooting this beauty I wasn't really into shooting myself . I mean look at her flawless from head to toe . so excited to hang out with my boo soon again . Her schedule is pretty crazy though . I've never met such a driven person in my life . Don't you guys just love meeting someone that inspires you so much to achieve your aspirations . any who shes launching a blog very soon in which I'm biting my nails of excitement for . Most definitely will be seeing more of her on my blog . any who the trip was liberating , being away from the city and being so foreign to this outdoors life . Of course we got stairs considering we were all dressed up and she had on 6inch heels in a hiking surroundings . put it like this we were like Americans first arriving to Tokyo without a travelers guide . The struggle but yet fun .

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