Running around in O-mighty

So today I had to run some errand and by that I had to thrift a bit , go to the arts and crafts store , and hit up my fav Organic store . and what better than to wear my eye catching clutch gifted to my by O-mighty and my ... what I call Alphabet soup button down also gifted to me by O-mighty, When I received the Clutch I had so many Ideas what to style them with . most of the ideas were to match match match . but Over time the Fashion gods spoke to me , and  it hit me not to match because the bag wouldnt  pop as much so I decided to pair the bag with a 10$ knit cardigan I got from H&M and with of course my leather skinnies and a over sized fedora .
It doesn't hurt to always carry around your resume . You never know what opportunities you'll run into . . so how is every bodies Saturday going ?
Sweater : H&M , Shirt : http://o-mighty.com/products/129 , Clutch : http://o-mighty.com/products/129 , skinnies : ZARA

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