How to style UNIF HELLBOUNDS as a GUY

A lot of guys have fallen in love with the Unif Hell bound but haven't found the courage to actually purchase a pair and wear them out . So I decided to help a bit and hopefully inspire you guys to slay in these bad boys . I know you're probably saying "dude their heels" . but maybe you should do a little research , they're actually a boot , with a 6inch heel and 4 inch platform . I know you're also thinking " oh hell no I can't do that" but they have no arch . Sometimes I actually forget I'm 6'5 in them .
When I style my Hell bounds I don't really have any boundaries . I'm usually like" if I look like a chick oh well" .  well I put these two outfits together wearing of course my fav beanie , and I had to add a little hood rich grizzelle style to it . When you're wearing your hell bounds remember to always look some what masculine at the top . usually adding a beanie or Hat will always do the job . another way is to always grunge up your look with a oversized top . sometimes wearing skinnies with hell bounds makes you look really girly so I suggest grabbing some baggy jeans  ( keep in mind I'm just trying to inspire not telling you exactly what to wear)


  1. I like how you're taking 'traditionally feminine' pieces and makes them fit your style. It's very interesting to me. Keep doing your thing.


  2. Love how you made it your own. The dungarees are amazing btw x

  3. Dude You're amazing! You should be an inspiration for everyone who says f it, I am gonna do what the hell I want!.
    Keep up your amazing blog!
    X Viola