These past few days I've felt a shift in not only my attitude but my mind as well . Now I've always been a spiritual person but something has changed I'm not sure what , maybe its me dipping my toes into the Quantum physics theories , or the world is just being more and more enlightened in what's  really going on . whatever it is I love it . I feel refreshed and thankful . this past week I've tried to expand my couciouness more and more by reading books and articles on Quantam physics and the microscopic Universe ...... yeah I'm sure it's hard to get the grasp of the idea but it's really simple if you try not to make it too complex . I've also been practicing techniques to align my chakras and vibing to 432 HZ frequencies . pretty Groovy right ? anywho I have a lot more post coming to the blog so be sure to keep posted !
What I'm Wearing
Angst Child bucket hat
Thrifted Denim Coat
Fuxury layered shorts
Nike Hurache

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