Finally 21

Gesh it seems like for ever since the last time I updated Griz-Triz  . A lot has happened since I last checked in with you guys! I'm officially 21! whoooooooo! for my 21st birthday I didn't really have any plans and wasn't really willing to do anything but stay home and catch up on some sleep . but when I realized that I'll only be 21 once I figured I'd have to do something spontaneous . so I came up with this brilliant plan of a random road trip to California on the local Mega bus ahaha !!! once I arrived in the over populated but relaxed city I instantly went bar hopping with my sister , taking Jack Daniel shots and drinking cheap beer seemed to actually be an epic Birthday celebration with the good company of my oldest sister and her long term Boo . the next day I waked and baked with a little medical Sativa  ;) and headed straight to the beach .... trust me guys there is nothing better than a stoned beach day . you get to actually appreciate and take in ever highlight the California beach's have to offer . So I guess you can California was an excellent Idea !
Now that I'm back in the LV I had to get back to reality and back to juggling two Visual Merchandising jobs and of course keeping my blog updated . so right after work I headed downtown to get a little shooting done . As the weather starts to get crisp and chilly the more my wardrobe starts to get dark if you haven't noticed and the more my aesthetic starts to become more dramatic . So today I decided to edge up this DEAD long Layer tee that I received not to long ago and pair it with my essential winter coat from H&M and keeping it comfortable with some simple Marathon Adidas .
What I'm Wearing
H&M Men's Coat
W.A.N.P SRL Layered Sweats
Adida Marathon Sneakers

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