I have this whole week off from work . and I couldn't be more happier . I've put in some crazy hours these past two weeks not to mention I barley received any days off and limited amount of hours of sleep . but in the end it's all worth it right ? for my off day I decided to shoot in this KGDMOF tee by the brand http://www.kingdomof.co.nz/ . When I received the shirt my first impression was "Oh a basic logo tee cool!" that's when I realized the patch detail and fell in love . with cool deconstructed hems , you can tell the tee is executed to perfection . As I mentioned in the beginning of this post .... Today is my Day off and I had no plans on trying to be all dressed up . This look is literally what I had on around the house . all I did was throw on my Birkenstocks I got in From http://www.solestruck.com/ and of course my Hat and hit the door . Sometimes being effortless and Nonchalant in your looks can make major results . I have a lot of new projects coming to the blog guys. I'm talking video footage  ;)
PETALSANDPECOCKS YING YANG SOCKS - http://www.petalsandpeacocks.com/

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  1. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach