Sorry for the lack of updates guys . I promise there is a valid reason for my absence . As you know usually I do post helping promote brands and such and I've come to the conclusion I don't want to participate in being a walking advertisement anymore . A lot of people love the Idea of receiving free merchandise from brands but I'm so turned off by the idea of doing it anymore . Don't get me wrong I appreciate all the emails I get to style and shoot in merchandise and garments but I can't get with the idea of having logos and fonts all over my assembles . I've simplified literally everything about my life not just clothing buy my mind-state ,  my living area and just my overall surroundings . I've gotten so in touch with just solid colors such as White , Black and Grey . calming down all colors and paying attention to the Detail of Garments which falls into place of a lot of DIY's and Deconstructing .

Now this doesn't mean I wont be working with brands anymore , It just means It will be taken more lightly and the consideration will be taken more in depth . I also don't appreciate how some brands use me . I take a lot of time in my blog and styling . When I get merchandise I think of concepts , build a mood board in my mind , scout for locations and execute the concept by doing a full on shoot for the brand and then making an entry talking about the certain piece that was sent to me . So it really frustrates me when brands don't even consider reaching back out to me to thank me or even feature me on there social media . Sometimes it;s best to minimalize your life and realize your worth .

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