Well I'm back in Atlanta guys from my visit from LasVegas . The visit was amazing ! Got to spend a lot of time with my Family  and get a lot done , like working with Knyew ,  and shooting my editorial Video . While I was gone I really tried to center myself and stay inspired . I think one thing that really stood out to me when it came to inspiration was the clouds in the sky I noticed while flying back in forth from ATL - Vegas .the different coats on white were so vibrant and clean and crispy they were just so captivating and intriguing. I have to say I love the color black but after seeing those clouds The color white is kind of dominating my wardrobe . All though the visit was great it definitely feels great to get back home and jump right back into work .

As soon as I got home I came to a care package from http://shopeasymoney.com/ which accommodated with this EA$Y Long E tee and this EA$Y White beanie . Right away when I opened the package I through on the shirt and decided to put an outfit together for work the next day . witnessing the Long E tee had a print in the back there was no way I was going to cover the detail up by layering with a coat or jacket . and there was no way possible I was walking out of the house with just a T-shirt on and no layers seeing how the weather in Atlanta is 15 and below . So I decided to add this simple basic all white hoodie underneath the Tee ,  that way the Print is still showing  and I would still some what be  layered up . Working in the City and taking public transportation on a daily lets you learn that comfort ability is everything , like as much as I would love to wear a platform or flat shoes ... I just know it's just simply unreasonable . So I usually look forward to a shoe that I know I can walk around in with ease and a shoe That can last through out the day with out bitching  , So These crazy 8 Adidas go perfect for daily looks .Finishing up the look I had to keeps these ears warm with  my new EA$Y beanie . Thanks Again to the EA$Y Money team for the Merch! 

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