Geesh so much has happened since I've updated you guys last on whats been going on with me ! My schedule has been so hectic ! I Recently just got hired at freshiamatl and it's been such an experience already ... in a good way ahah . I mean it does take me three buses and a train to get to the studio which takes exactly 3-4 hours to reach my destination . but in the end its all truly worth it . If you're as ambitious as me to make my dreams come into fruition . you'll do anything to make it happen .

Today is such a chilly day I think this morning in Georgia it was like 20 something degrees ! dude it's not even Halloween yet and it freezing . it's going to be a damn cold winter aha . Luckily I got some dope gear in from http://fu-xu-ry.com/fuxury/ to keep me fly and cozy through this crazy ass weather . Fuxury is a brand located in Thailand definitely bringing the fire to streetwear ! I think I love every bit of their merchandise!  see one thing that I look for in a brand to impress me is not only the look of the clothing but also the quality !  The quality of this Hockey Jersey and shorts are amazing so you guys should most def check them out ! Thank you again to the Fuxury team for sending me all these dope pieces , expect more post from them ;)


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