Throughout my life I've never taken spirituality seriously . See growing up I was raised in a church full of gossip and people just out to make the next person look bad just to reassure themselves that they were living a christian life . above other situations in that church I resented Christ and the people that followed it and practiced it . I feel life is way beyond just a simple belief in a god but a journey and experience of change and  lessons . See we're not just here for no reason , you're not just here reading this for no reason . and I'm not just sitting here typing this in my boxers for no reason . I feel life has a purpose and how we use it determines our next chapter for our spirit . After tripping on acid my first time it was all giggles and fun , but doing it for the 3rd time . it was all about learning. After going into my 3rd trip with a mind state ready to learn I seen the world in a whole different perspective . I felt energies I've never felt before , in the air , in the trees, the people around me . How can seeing trees inhale and exhale be explained by science or religion . neither of them can ! see this is no paradox this is  a gift , a chance to enjoy the beauty of the world and what it represent and not look down upon it and wish life could be better , life is truly what you make it  . take a good grip on this experience and see the light at the end of a dark tunnel .

Today I challenge you to become a better person and to change your perspective on life to something amazing ! get off your ass , away from electronics and enjoy nature ! don't let yourself stand in the way of your own happiness and your spiritual journey

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