Do you guys ever have those days where you feel bossed the fuck up?! Well today has to definitely be one of those days for me . I had a few Epic mail moments this week from of course the Knyew fam and my homie imgodly . I got sent this awesome Jersey fit from Knyew's New Sandlot collection . I thought I was obsessed with the collection but when I received it in person it's been glued to my body . I think I've worn the fit multiple of times ..... Don't judge me . seeing as the collection is "SANDLOT" I thought I'd embody the collections inspiration and shoot on a baseball field.That  I wasn't allowed on ,but I thought it was most def worth the risk . So why no jump some fences and snap some shots! I'm enjoying working with Knyew really gives me a challenge with my styling skills . so Thank you again Knyew for seeing so much potential with me and my blog 

Now about the shirt ! yes I know it's a big deal . I've been following Edy on instagram for a minute and was always pleased with his style but I was even more impressed with his Graphic T-shirts, but this one he just released was just too epic "YOU WANTED A BIRKIN BUT ALL YOU GOT WAS A DOUCHE BAG" I think this phrase can relate to a lot of people ahaha . When Imgodly seen I loved the shirt he decided to give my styling skills a test and send me the shirt before it was even released . I thought the shirt would go perfectly with my Cream Necklace from Shop applesauced . and of course I had to pair the whole outfit with my AZSxJNELV snap back . To give a little shout out to my Queen Janelle , miss you soo much boo I'll be back in Vegas with you soon and we'll get back off where we started . Smoking blunts, eating munchies , shooting, and talking about or dreams .

Everyone have a good day and stay productive and break a few neck . I'm gonna get back to stunting for the rest of the day ;)

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