-Bite Me-

Sweater :Vintage Stereon / Hat : OS Accessories / Shorts : DIY (thrift) / Shoes : Vans

Hey Guys I'm not sure if you've guys noticed but there are some minor changes to the blog . & I've finally got the hang of resizing my photos ! I know I should of known how to do that already but whatever . so you wont be  seeing me mirror my photos  as much anymore. ahh It's so great I'm actually impressed with my blog and content . usually I'm always like " this could be better " but I think my blog pretty much screams me so I'm happy . anyways today the weather was perfect cloudy and breezy. Me being thankful that the weather wasn't as hot and humid I decided to take full advantage of having the opportunity to wear a sweater and these plaid shorts that I DIYed . I have a lot coming to the blog guys . I'm talking OOTD videos yo ! This blogging thing has become a Journey and I hope you guys stick along with me on this Journey . All I can do is progress 

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