So before you judge my crappy quality photos , let me inform you that My tripod is dumb and that i decided to take photos after a long nap. I can't tell you how obsessed I am with this Tank from Morning warrior . I first seen it on their instagram and I went crazy when they offered to send it to me . now i know this shirt is'nt so mancho for a guy but I mean I couldnt resist. all Morning Warriors tops are #TOTES amaze be sure to check out their site . http://www.morningwarriorbrand.com/

So Today it's my offical "SUMMER IS AT ITS END" outfit . so what better color to wear then red . now the only reason why I did this post is because my love court made me aha . But the outfit is serving that Maybeline realness with a dash of that old 80's commercial when that guy needs a ride and that hot chick in the red coupe comes to get him but he didnt have car insurance  so he didnt take the ride . WHAT A DUMB ASS lol .


  1. Your photo quality is amazeballs! Love your blog xoxo