Broadripple is Burning

So I want to keep this very brief on a account of I haven't ate all day and there are some sausage and Pancakes down stairs screaming my name , or maybe that's just my mom telling me to come down stairs. Any who Today I wanted to get back into my old roots , and what better then bring the old Pleated plaid kilt out. I use to wear this bad boy to school everyday and started to drift away from it only because......wait I really don't know why . Well When I wear my Kilts I always try to grunge it up a bit . And I'm pretty sure Nirvana is basically the definition of Grunge So i pulled out my Thrashed Nirvana Sweater/tank in tribute to my deceased husband Kurt . When I pull the tank out I totally remembered I just recently DIYed my Doc martens and the were kind of similar to the tank so what the hell and threw them on . Now about these Dollar store Fake ass Flowers , I've been kind of obsessed with them and been making a trip to The dollar store everyday to buy more and more . I've been attaching them to every shoe I have aha . Well how is every ones Tuesdays going?


  1. i love what u did to your shoes, love the checks and jeans!!!! so amazing!!!! keep coming please !!! love xoxo


  2. Why are you so awesome!! :) just discovered your blog today :) Keep up the lovely work <3