Minty Fresh

The Count Down to MAGIC is Coming up guys I'm so excited to Work or WERK , Which ever you prefer . When Magic comes I will be Neglecting my blog a little because I will be guest blogging on Sidestroke's Blog for a bit , Don't Worry I'll  be back loves. So Today I felt kind of refreshed and decided to not dress too Trashy aha , I wanted to keep it a bit Classy . Finally I found something with these shades I got from H&M believe it or not it's actually hard to outfit them. So the Run down on the outfit. I'm wearing Old ripped vintage Tuxedo shoes With my mint American Apparel socks (serving tan summer legs on a silver platter aha). With my American Apparel Trouser shorts (Which I go 30% off! whoop  whoop) . With a hand me down sweater from My aunt to my sister to my mom
and now to me ...SCORE.


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