100% Leather

Hey guys So Today I'm off , and Decided hey why not get up , Get dressed , And explore Las Vegas .and I was Pretty inspired by a Look Bebe Zeva Posted on Instagram , ugh Love that chick  Hopefully i'll run into her at MAGIC Trade show , Speaking of Trade show . Guess what Guys After Working with Solestruck on The TBA Blogger Collaboration , They decided they wanted to work with me again so I'll be working with them on a lot of other stuff and Will be guest blogging on there blog soon . So excited to tell you all the new stuff coming! any who back to the Outfit as you know Leather is "IN" honey Regardless of heat or not look bad ass !, Well I'm wearing a Basic beanie with a bolo tie attached , with a Leather Motorcycle jacket , and a thrifted Garbage looking shirt. and my Favorite thrifted Leather shorts. Basically this whole outfit is thrifted except the bag aha . Speaking of Thrift I walked into a thrift store and I was told by a employee that a Husband found out his wife was cheating on him so he Donated all the designers stuff he bought her and it just so happens she had a Birkins bag! a lost for her but a blessing for me , I'll feature it on my blog later Love you guys mucho!!

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