Always Sunny in Las Vegas

Hey Lovers ! So we all know its Freaking hot out and we can't really dress all Lavish and Fun as we usually do in better weather. So I decided to do a little post that's Laid back and pretty basic but still has a spunk and self expression to the look ! So I bought these old Lucky Brand Jeans From a Thrift store out here in Las Vegas Call "EPIC" and They fit me like a glove! , so I got home and tried them on and was kind of regretting buying them only because they were  boring and you guys know me , so I started to distress them and Thought " Oh my God Who doesn't distress there Jeans now a days" So I rambled threw my closet in search for a awesome fabric to sew on and I came across this dress I made and ripped and cut it all up and sewed it to my jeans aha. and paired them with a AA Tank top and A Urban outfitters Back pack , and no I'm not wearing platforms today (Surprisingly) I pulled out a old pair of converse for comfort . Now I can have all the cuties running to my back end in slow motion . POW I'm naughty ;)

So as you guys know after me vividly stating that MAGIC is arriving I will be Guest Blogging on http://blog.solestruck.com/ so you guys be sure to view all my post on there ! :)

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