The Blues

Shoes- http://www.solestruck.com/ ,Drop Crotch Trousers- http://www.us.allsaints.com/men/landing/ , Belt -Vintage store , Bag-H&M , Sheer Shirt - Stole from my Friend

I thought Before I go to work I might update you guys a bit, Well I have no clue if updating your blog this frequent is a good thing or what . but whatever so I got some new things to show you guys I finally got my To be Announced Timmy's from Sole struck but man oh man was it a struggle ! Literally guys I chased down The FEDEX truck bare foot in 105 degree weather just to get my babies. Why the Struggle you ask? well I live in a gated community where nobody knows the Gate code so FedEx is to lazy for someone to come in the gate to open it so they decided to drive off and I seen them so I chased them down the street yelling aha .But at last I got them I love them so much (Quick heads up guys if you order TBA's they do run narrow so be sure to get a size up) . Moving on , The benefits of having a Friend that is the Visual Merchandiser at All Saints is a blessing aha. My Friend Darion Got me these Drop Crotch trousers That I so adore!! Well M.A.G.I.C is coming up and I'm pretty damn excited I already am preparing aha I'm really ready and prepared this year. oh yeah my Good Friend Dominique from Style2bones is coming in town WHOOP I'm so happy Time to shop aha.


  1. They are SUCH good shoes, droooooool!

  2. I was looking at your tumblr, you have such a unique aesthetic. One of the pictures in your collage kind of bothered me though; it was a picture of a scale with the words "Eat Less" on the screen where the weight would normally be displayed. I was wondering what the picture meant to you; is it just commentary about how people feel when they weigh themselves, or do you think that's how people SHOULD feel? As someone who is a fan of and is becoming a part of the fashion industry, do you think models have to be skinny? I'd like to know your thoughts, if you're down to share. Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!