Mens Fashion Yawn

 Unfortunately men's fashion has begun to bore me. Or maybe I'm just dumb. Don't get me wrong I love a nice men's oxfords and Blazer , but can't we step outside the box a little? There should never be a standard on what men are "suppose to wear" . Sometimes I think people that are into fashion are hypocrites 1.people always say " Fashion is a form of art" ok if that's the case when did art have standards and rules and when did Art have to make sense ? That's why I HATE! shows like Fashion Police . Well enough of my Rant aha, well any who I just wanted to show you guys that you don't have to buy a standard men's shoe , And that I'm proud to say that I'm a guy and I love heels! the silhouette of it , How Powerful I feel in them yikes (my mouth is drooling) any who here are my Fav babies in my Closet at the moment!



  1. hey bebe just looked through your blog and your so perfect. Your rocking all those shoes. I'm proud to say I have three of those same shoes. xoxo

  2. This shows good fashion sense do you have more range in other collections???

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