Ok so if you were a frequent follower on my Tumblr you should know I
am a devoted intern for a online Vintage Store called D.fame . I started interning for this special lady above Dennaya Famous about a year ago threw Social Media . crazy right! well We are launching our new Season 4 Lookbook Very soon ... and When I say we're bringing it HONEY WE ARE BRINGING IT!we decided to press pause on The Vintage aspect and move more into a hands on project for the store which is Designing, all the Pieces above and in the lookbook were designed by Dennaya And her Brother (Co store owner ) Darion Famous . I didn't get many shots considering I was assisting and photographing at the same time but here is a sneak peek. all shots for the Season 4 Look Book were Photographed by the Talented Photographer Zackery Williams , check out the store until all the new stuff is released ! http://dfamestore.com


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