The Pleiadian Prophecy

The Pleiades is the first place every soul travels from the source into form (Which is  interdimensional ) , souls will often return to there before returning to the 1 I AM Source . We came HERE (Here is a holographic world called Earth )To bring home here ... Meaning we came here to Anchor our energy of love and compassion to a fairly new Planet that was  and still is going through some tough times . to bring both the Divine Fem Energy Lemuria and the Heavenly Masc Energy from the atlanteans  just like our Ancient ancestors from Egypt did . now that we are in 2015 we are experiencing a collective awakening!  We are waking up to the truth and realizing our true purpose . Don't pay any mind to the Media and television ..... We are going through ruff tribulations but we can not heal others without starting to heal ourselves . The littlest positive changes you make in your life . has a crazy way of having that weird Domino Effect on Humanity as a Collective .

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  1. Anonymous5/08/2015

    words of wisdom...
    btw. where's your hoodie from? beautiful