Nothing But those GOOD VIBES

I have to be completely honest and let you guys know that I'm running on low energy ! the past few days I've been moving into my new place with not that much help and the fact of not having a car yet makes the situation a little more sticky . You can only imagine how it is to be carrying suit cases , pillows ,bags and food on endless bus rides across town . I guess you can say I'm a starving artist at the moment . but I'm sure everything will work out in the end for this is only the first week of me moving in . In the mist of the move , I found a little time to get a little shooting done . If you're in Vegas you would agree with me when I say the weather has been greatly appreciated , sporadic moments of 70 degree weather is such a blessing to us living out here in the desert . I'ts just about that time for us to dip our toes into the 100+ degree weather . So I highly recommend taking advantage of this great weather with a little picnic , morning run , or even in my case a little photo-shoot .

What I'm Wearing Today
Knyew E long tee
Van Skate-His

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