Death Is but the next great Adventure

When you wake up and you realize that your soul is infinite and this physical form we are experiencing is only temporary , you start to notice that your life becomes a reckless , galactic adventure . With that knowledge you find your sub conscious always telling you what you need to work on and what you could be doing better , but this often leads to a damaging stage of self sabotage! when you are constantly thinking about what can be better you are not really looking at yourself in a positive light . which is why consistent compliments to yourself is a very important daily ritual . this is also referred as (depositing a check into your emotional bank account) . Get rid of all those damn negatives in your emotional bank accounts and remind yourself that you are doing a good ... GREAT job , and that Progression is organic in its own way . I received this little bit of insight from a Spiritual teacher I came across on youtube . His name is Matt Kahn and he runs the youtube called The True Divine Nature . I highly recommend him to anyone that is open to expanding their consciousness

What I'm Wearing 
C2h4 "I'm living in the Future so the present is my past" bomber
Adidas Tack Pants
Old Skool Vans

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