The Substance of the Universe is Conciousness ... not Matter

Everything around us is a source of a Frequency , If you amplify the frequency the structure of the matter will change . this is where we come to realize the the substance of the universe is not Matter  but rather consciousness . Scientist have gone to prove that we have 64 Possible code of DNA in our bodies and only 20 of those 64 are activated . So the Question is how do we amplify our DNA to unlock the other 44 codes embedded in our DNA ? .... My Loyal readers , the Answer is LOVE! Love is the key , we need to understand that Fear , Hate and, Negativity is the branch of us not elevating to our full capacity ! so I encourage you guys to not only show love to the people around you but to also find that love and Magic in nature . Get out of your local city and connect with your surrounds .
What I'm Wearing
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