I've been asked a lot lately if I turned in my retirement forms from blogging , and I can now assure you guys that this is not the case at all ! for the past two months I've been on my own personal spiritual Journey . Meaning I needed to step out of the 3rd Dimension of this material world . and start to look within myself for Clarity and answers . I've gained A lot of enlightment during my break and couldn't be happier. I've literally been wearing the same clothes for awhile and spend my days reading , meditating practicing yoga , and spending time with positive friends. see there is way more to ourselves then just an outfit ... and some of us need to remind ourselves this . we Thrive off materialistic objects when we can thrive off happiness and just life in General ..... Yeah you can clearly see where my head has been . I hope to bring you Guys great vibes and a little knowledge here and there this Year !
Today it's raining a lot (Chem Trails) and there was no way I was going to let another day go by that I didnt get back to work . So me and My sister rode our scooters down the street and got back to work . I was gifted this Dope "Pretty Boy Killer" rain coat by one of my Fav's  FUXURY .  this coat is pretty legit ! very loose fitting with a adjustable String at the hem to adjust the fit of the coat . I have to be honest and mention I did Email them about the Symbolism on the sleeve . But they did reassure me that the Logo was simply Two F's and nothing Negative (thank God) . to complete the look I added just a few Simple Layers , I totally made that decision because of the weather .

AZS Cross Bag
Publish Brand Jogger
Nike Hurrache

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