I had the Amazing opportunity to work with a brand That I've been fond of for some time now , Their aesthetic is very simple and Laid back , and as you all know that is completely me . The brand is called Dead Castle Project and they're coming into the street wear industry with a punch and a clean upper cut . Every garment they release is impeccable and makes you feel like" it can't get better than this" but you find yourself to be mistaken when they release another collection with better quality and great concepts . I guess you can say their work is very consistent .

I just got this care package in from them and this Dead Advisory Hoodie was one of the pieces I received . I'm so lucky to have got this hoodie because my hoodie game has been completely dry! The quality of the hoodie is amazing with a 100% French terry Cotton this has to be the best hoodie I have in my closet . To complete the outfit I thought I'd get a little sporty and match the Dead Cap and The hoodie with my Adidas Crazy 8's and some Adidas Track pants . To keep the Laid back effortless aesthetic that they portray . I have a lot more looks coming to the blog Featuring Dead Castle garments ... keep a look out ;)

What I'm Wearing
Pants : Adidas Track Pants
Shoes : Adidas Crazy 8's
Rings : http://www.vsxnsta.com/

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