I admit that I'm grateful for the weather  starting to warm up .... However the humidity can kiss my ass , I mean I feel like I'm living in Singapore or something!  I'm sure everyone knows how annoyed and icky you feel in high levels of humidity.  Ugh throw a cold Wash rag on my face and point a fan towards me . On the bright side I can do Hot Yoga without having to pay 45$ a month . ha

Thankfully Solestruck just sent me these Geraldo Dr. Marten sandals to let me feet breathe a little bit , The transition from a Doc Marten combat boot to a Doc Marten Sandal was such a brilliant modification . If you follow my Instagram you would see I said I was making a shoe review ... well that was a fail , I seriously need to work on my Video editing skills so I thought photos would definitely do these babies some justice . They run about 140$ rounded off on Solestruck with free shipping of course , They have a 1 1/2 Platform and a 1" platform , they're full on leather with of course the Classic Dr marten sole , ahh these babies are going to be straped on my feet all summer Thanks MAMA and BAE!

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