You know I get the question a lot of why I changed my aesthetic of my blog and toned it down to being the guy with 7inch heels with vibrant out there outfits to the now simple laid back comfortable kind of guy . I never got to fully answer the question in depth . so I'm hoping this little post will clear things up .

As a Scorpio I love change in my life and thats exactly what I needed at the time of my transition  ! see Minimalism isn't just a fashion trend for me it's honestly a life changing experience . minimizing my life has been the best decision I've made in quiet a while . Minimizing my life was not just dressing a certain way but releasing and getting rid of all clutter , from getting rid of stuff and clothes I don't use or wear to ,clearing all the stress in my life and in my mind to live a stress free peaceful Zen lifestyle .

Since my transition I've let go of a lot of garments that I only kept just because the thought in my mind that I had it .and completely doing a makeover to my room ... I mean complete aha . I've also got more involved with Yin Yoga and Meditate on a daily now , now don't get me wrong I dont necessary call myself a minimalist yet but it's all about the journey that makes minimizing your life the best . instead of spending my money on clothing and unnecessary stuff I find myself working on fun DIY project smoking bud and just enjoying every moment of this short life we have to live , I like to keep myself grounded and reminded that being able to live this life is surely a blessing

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