I can't explain to you guys how irritated I am with Blogger . Just so you guys are aware , These Edits of these photos are not in it's original format .... thanks to Blogger... . I've been using blogger for quite some years now and I think It's about time to move back to wordpress or just have my own Domain . blogger constantly Changes the edits of my photos once uploading them , They appear as if I brought down the contrast on my photos preventing from you guys seeing how the original edit is . It has done this with a few other post I've done but this might have to be the last straw. The original edits will be on my Tumblr HERE

Today was just a chill day nothing really Major went on , Really just sat in the house longing around and working on this DIY I'm putting together for this Industrial Light installation for the apartment . but before I work on that I wanted to do a little outfit update because I just feel like It's been a minute since I've done one . And Because I'm over the top excited about this Knyew Long-sleeve Elong tee . I'm sure you've all seen me in Knyew's E long tees . But the Long sleeve has to be my hand down favorite . The cut of the shirt gives you this draping vibe so when you walk it catches the wind a makes it a little dramatic . Although this shirt was a pull from the site I might just have to tell Jaz I'm stealing it aha. I hope everyone is having a fun Productive day , see ya next post suckas .

Classic Reeboks

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