Lately inspiration has been flowing through my veins . I've been more so inspired by environment and the simple beauty we can find in are day to day things that we pass by so quickly , sometimes it's  good just to slow down appreciate our surroundings and just enjoy the simple things in life ya know ? everyday for the past week , I've been waking up earlier then my alarm ... awaken by inspiration I guess you can say 

Today I was limited in time with shooting with Damon considering he had to be at work two hours prior to us shooting , So there wasn't an option to go to the city to shoot again so we decided to head to this bright wall we always pass by ... it's actually the side of a Kirkland candle building (don't judge) . so in the mist of the rush my mom decided to call me and vent about her troubles with her electronic devices . (Mom I don't have time for this) aha. but you know what they say THE SHOW MUST GO ON! so please excuse all the wanna be important business call photos , it was just my mother .

I wore this outfit a couple days ago after being stuck in my apartment for a few hours I sincerely needed to go out even if it was just the grocery store . I mean who says you can't slay at a grocery store right? Well I've lately... wait ALWAYS have been obsessed with layers and today was just the perfect day to layer up , Temperatures are below freezing here !  So I decided to pull out this dope Hoddie that http://knyew.com/ gave me while my trip in Vegas and paired it with a Black ELong tee and this DIY tall Long sleeve I thrifted  . and it was set , LAYERS FOR THE GODS! oh and of course I had to bring out the Echo's by Jeffrey Campbell .

Hoodie : http://knyew.com/
Pants : 11after11 http://knyew.com/
T-shirt : Black Elong tee http://knyew.com/
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell Echo http://www.solestruck.com/

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