Lately I've been on a comfortably spree wearing nothing but stuff thats actually comfortable and ready to go. My day to days have been nothing but Harem sweats , Nike slip ons , and a leather coat . but today I wanted to mix it up a little bit and actually show some effort . Today I was going for a sporty look .... Damn it if only I had Nike striped socks . Well today and like mostly every other day the color black is plastered on my body aha . Today I wanted to mix up some of my favorite brands such as AZS, Fuxury , and now BRCSC . BRCSC is an online boutique stocked with the latest trends with a little bit of a DUBAI feel to each piece . one of my favorite pieces that they sent me has to be this PERVER 17 tee ahaha I love the fact that I wore this to work the other day thinking that nobody knew what it was gonna say, but I had like two or three people come up to me asking where I got it from . Thanks again to the BRCSC team . seeing as the weather is quite chilly I decided to put my Fuxury white long sleeve jersey underneath the Pervert tee . The material of the jersey is so thick and rich I figured it what preserve some heat to these skin and bones . to sum up my look I figured this new fit " ONLY  GOD CAN JUDGE ME " Cross sent me from his latest " Jesus Collection would suit the whole sporty look perfectly !

Only got can judge me ( Dropping soon )-http://azs.bigcartel.com/
White long sleeve jersey -http://fu-xu-ry.com/
Ruin Shorts - http://fu-xu-ry.com/
Nike Slippers - Footlocker

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