If there is one thing that I know I'm good at is . Slaying in a shoe that my Favorite sponsors Solestruck sends me , Solestruck approached me to send me another shoe to style , now this shoe is not my everyday shoe that I would normally wear but . in my response I told them ...."I LOVE A CHALLENGE " seeing as these John Fluevog Espadrille gibson's are  simple but preppy . I thought this look was crying for simplicity , Because I mean seeing how everything is looking about the same now a days with fashion . it's only right to give these espadrille a simple look but still giving that Griztriz flare ;) . So I thrifted this floral womens blazer to add a little texture to the look . now we all know we don't want to make a outfit to look forced but for it to look effortless . so I thought throwing this white logo shirt  that says "YOU WANTED A BIRKIN BUT ALL YOU GOT WAS A DOUCHE BAG " on , major right ? ahah. ugh I always find myself babbling about my outfit and always missing the main reason why I'm doing this post !

Ok guys I know you're probably like these shoes are great and all but I'm not about to go broke for some platforms , before you get that whole mentality in your head I'm here to tell you  about this crazy ass sale thathttp://www.fortyeight.com/ is having ..... it's another one of those big sales guys so I suggest you take advantage of this shit while its here . I'm talking    Matiko, Finsk, T.U.K. (mens and womens), John Fluevog, Skin by Finsk. TUK and John Fluevog (mens and womens)  all on  http://www.fortyeight.com/  all these lovely shoes will be 20-80% off ! this crazy ass sale launches at 9am on Monday for 48 hours ....get it ? got it? good? now get ready to treat yourself to luxury on Monday !

Shoes by :John Fluevog