I know I know . where the fuck have I been . but I have a pretty legit explanation . well for the past 10 months I've been in a long distance relationship with this guy named Damon . I actually met him on tumblr and we hit it off and I've never actually met him .... scary huh? well I finally met him , he flew out here to visit me for his birthday threw new years and I've been on love lock down forgetting about the blogging world . weird what love will do to you , any who I decided to make him get up and take some photos of myself . I'm wearing this moto Leopard jacket I got from my fav local thrift store a ran down Tye die shirt , and acid wash skinnies . so how is every ones new year starting ? oh before I go I wanted to ask you guys what you feel about long distance relationships that started online ?
Oh before we part ways . the contest I've been babbling about with Solestruck will start on the 4th so remember to keep a look out for details if you really want some free shoes

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  1. Dominic I cant believe you abandoned us for DAYS on DAYS. Been thirsty for yo shit forever now. Gosh. But todays ensemble makes me forget yu even abandoned us. Love it to bits. As for Damon and long distance relationships , they require alot of commitment and effort. ALOT tbh. And that lil extra mile. I wish you guys nothing but the best ♥♥♥♥