Blue Velvet

So I have great news I currently got hired at Kenneth Cole for visual merchandiser and sales associate and I'm waiting on Tory Burch to hire me as well for their visual merchandiser . Everything is going pretty good I'm going to be moving into my own place soon with my best friend . I guess I'm finally growing up . Well This is the outfit I wore to my Kenneth Cole orientation . something I pulled together looking simplistic but still looking luxurious , how are you guys feeling about this classy look ?

WHAT i'M WEARING : Vintage Brief case , with Ralph Lauren polo riding pants , vintage gold cuff links, Blue Velvet Prestige blazer , Chanel pin, and a Dior button up


  1. I love it. It looks well put together and classic.

    Did you have any visual experience prior to applying for the position?
    When I did visuals I just worked hard to get promoted and now that I switched stores I applied for an associate instead of a visual hoping to work my way up again.

  2. Simplicity and luxury at the same time. I ♥ This ensemble. . You're a star Dominic Grizzelle. **,}

  3. why the lighting on your face so amazing !! love it !