Mix Metal

So ignore the fact that I'm 6'5 in my Hell bounds because others can't . So while on my way to pick up my check at work I decided why not take a few photos before making my entrance into my crappy job aha. when I stepped out the car I had people starring at me saying smart remarks about my shoes but of course I had to blow them a kiss and keep my poses strong lol .... not really I was struggling with this damn wind and my allergies decided to start hating me , In my last post I reminded you guys I took my hair out so you will be seeing a lot of hats and beanies
and what better one to start with my Fav spike inverted cross beanie from http://idyllshop.com/ , I'm pretty obsessed with all there pieces because I mean there all done by the owner Bri . I've never actually found a owner of a brand so awesome I clicked with her instantly via email check out her stuff way more good stuff hitting the store

Now my shirt was also a gift from http://o-mighty.com/  Iove this shirt only because I cant afford a Givenchy . The fabric is the softest ! I went out with it the other night and got loads of compliments . for once i felt important aha.!!!

I'm pretty obsessed with my outfit today I just love how my train flowed in the wind ! not it is not unif Totally wish it was its a night gound I thrifted and DIYED it to a train so was I fierce guys?


  1. I think you're absolutely fantastic! You're so inspiring. Keep up the gorgeous outfits!!

  2. My god! love that army jacket! was it DIY? or bought from a store?