So Threw out the Summer I've gotten multiple amounts of request for back to school look. but never took the time out to actually give it a shot . Simply because bloggers that take up this challenge from there readers usually make looks that some of there readers can't afford or arnt wearable in the School enviorment .....blah blah blog.Anywho I decided to take up the challenge and actually outfit something you guys could wear and afford.... I mean the whole outfit is basically DIY.

Starting from head to toe. the Vibrant orange beanie (my thug beanie) I actually snagged from a thrift store for 50 Cents ..... Totally Broke my bank # sarcasm . Moving along I totally encourage you guys to reconstruct a old garment before trashing it. Whats there to lose ?So with that said I brung out a Dingy White shirt I had in my closet for years and simply cut out the neck line and spray painted a ratchet CHANEL logo on the front... Don't kill mar Karl.
Now with the Pants there a bit pricy, I got these WAXY<LEATHERY< SEXY < CONDOM FIT skinnies from Zara and I beleive they were 70$ ahaha. but you guys can totally wear a simple black super skinny. to show off your Naomi legs , Now I'm pretty sure you guys are probably over seeing my DIY subsitute jump ups and espically if you follow me on instagram but I mean I LOVE them . Well I know some of you out there probably arnt comfotable wearing 4-5inch platforms to school so it's pretty easy to wear any simple shoe like Classic Vans. your outfit will still make a statement and you'll still be looking Lavish and bad ass.
Picking a back pack could be the hardest part of school shopping ...well for me considering you'll be wearing the bitch for the whole damn year ! When picking a back pack totally find something you'll be in love with and something nobody will have! (online shop) I got this cool hippie back pack from Tilly's for only 35$! make yo back end look good HUNAY!.
So thats just about araps up my first back to school outfit post Hopefully this wasnt shitty enough for you to keep scrolling pass it . Seriously guys when I was in school everyday at school was my New York Fashion week.and if you have the same mind state as I did push your style to new limits, and enjoy all the negative and positive feedback. I always wanted to to feel more and more insecure about my outfits whether it was my 4inch platforms or my 32inch kinky twist so I could be immune to the ignorant comments. I know I'm ridic. any who enjoy school and of course ..... YOU BETTER WERRK


  1. Absolutely LOVE this & everything about you and your blog!

  2. love this! too much! Im inspired and now following


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