I'm a Thug

So mother Decided to come back from her business trip from Toronto with this bag AHHH. I was Living for it but she continued to tell me how she wasn't gonna give it up to me .So why not steal the damn thing from her. WHAT?! she doesn't wear it aha, Well today was a alright day I got called by a Modeling agency for a audition But I looked up the agency and it's a scam . Just goes to show to always do your research on what you're getting yourself into . Well I'm wearing My vintage Green blazer with a H&M button up , DIY Leather shorts , Vintage Chanel Chain, and My Jeffrey Campbell Tardy's Which have become my Favorite shoe I Own .



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  2. Most things in this city are a scam haha but I'm glad you looked them up first. Loooove the bag! You styled everything perfectly. Love you!