Lately my obsession with athletic wear has been crazy , I don't know guys it's spring getting ready to be summer soon and I'm just loving athletic wear for the fact that it's loose ,effortless and , usually gives that good breezy feel that you need in this hot weather . So aside from keeping updated with Designers I've been keeping tabs on Nike , Reebok , Under armor and of course my Favorite .... Adidas . Today's outfit was a great example of what my wardrobe is looking like lately . Polyester , Spandex and Mesh .

Today I just got this Mesh Dimepiece Cap in from one of my best sponsors Knyew . I'm crazy in love with this Cap . A usual cap conceals your head from any kind of cool air ventilation which leads your head to sweat like crazy but this baby is great for my Daily runs in the Morning ... and went just great together with this oversized Mesh Jersey I purchased from the thrift store , Along with finding this thrift Mesh Jersey I also found these Nike Track shorts for only 3$ now if that's not a great Find I don't know what is . Hope everyone is having a fun relaxed day and keeping cool . Be sure to follow my Team Knyew on Instagram for their latest Merchandise updates .

Instagram : KNYEW

Cap : Dimpiece Mesh Cap
Shirt : Under Armor
Shorts : Nike
Shoes : Classic Reebok

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